Frequently Asked Questions:


Do I have to be Baptist to participate?

No. BSM is not just for Baptists, but for all active college students. Many students who are active in the BSM belong to different churches and/or denominations.


Is the BSM a church?

No. The BSM is not a church! BSM and local churches partner together to reach and disciple students. We are the bridge from the local church to the campus and from the campus to the local church.


How do I get involved?

Just start coming! Come to anything and everything you can! Any college student can be involved in the BSM. We have undergraduate, graduate, transfers and internationals involved in our ministry.


What kinds of things do you do?

We focus on missions, discipleship, and evangelism.  We have something going almost everyday of the week.  We have large groups, small groups, discipleship and leadership development and socials.  There really is something for everyone at the BSM.